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C-drík / Aluviana

Aluviana and C-drík collaborated in studio (through the net) and live in Slovenia. Their project mixes dark ambient, improv and electro-acoustic music, some collaborators joined them sometimes for audio and visual contributions : Behrang Azhdari (bass), Sanjalka/Sanjazzy (voice, instruments, visuals), Marta Kosturska (voice) & Roro (visuals).




Tonic IQ - Kibla Situation 03, live in Maribor 2012 - Aluviana, C-drík, Behrang Azhdari, Sanjalka & Roro (visuals)

Live in Ljubljana 2008

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Tonična negibnost

Label: Syrphe [S006]

Released: 2008

Format: CD

Price: 12€ post incl.

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