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Uchronia is out, a 3CD compilation that includes one essay (also available on PDF), featuring 49 artists and bands from 32 Asian countries and the diaspora : Lebanon (Sharif Sehnaoui, Jad Atoui & Jawad Nawfal, Stephanie Merchak, Rhéa Dally feat. Will Llewellyn) Iran (Xerxes The Dark, NUM) Iraq/Kurdistan (Hardi Kurda, Khabat Abas, Wirephobia) Sri Lanka (Isuru Kumasaringhe, Dinelka, hygy hairr, ) Vietnam (Cao Thanh Lan, Phu Pham) Myanmar (Phyu Hnin Thwin, Crazy Eels Society, Ito) Malaysia (Kok Siew-Wai) Hong Kong (Fiona Lee, Dickson Dee) Sri Lanka/Japan (Kei Watanabe) Georgia (TeTe Noise) India (Sarmistha Talukdar) Syria (Eyeless in Damascus) Turkey (Tuna Pase, Gülce Özen Gürkan) Taiwan (Li Chi Hsiao) Macao (e:ch) Philippines (Children Of Cathode Ray, Teenage Granny) Maldives (Autonomotor) Thailand (Liew Pichanan Niyomkarn) Armenia (VHSound) Palestine (Asma Ghanem, Dirar Kalash) Singapore (Lydia Ang) Jordan (Yousef Kawar) Kuwait (Ali Alsarraf) Azerbaijan (Violet Cold) India/UK (Churulian, Poulomi Desai) Bangladesh (sinin) China (Hui Ye) Kyrgyzstan (broxxz) Uzbekistan (Orgatanatos) Kazakhstan/Turkey (Saadet Türköz, Zeynep Sarıkartal, Başar Ünder) Bahrain (Hasan Hujairi) Indonesia (Sarana, Theo Nugraha feat. Jeritan) South Korea (Sabina Hyoju Ahn) Japan (Yuko Araki).

The artists' selection includes renowned artists such as Churulian (aka Dr Das of Asian Dub Foundation), Sharif Sehnaoui (Irtijal Festival, Al Maslakh, etc.), Jawad Nawfal (Munma), Dickson Dee (Noise Asia), Children Of Cathode Ray (Filipino experimental and industrial music audiovisual artist active since 1989), amazing singer and improviser Saadet Türköz, as well as electroacoustic composers like Turkish activist Gülce Özen Gürkan, Thai experimentalist Liew Pichanan Niyomkarn, Singaporean electronic musician Lydia Ang, and Chinese sound artist Hui Ye, and young artists from the new generation : Burmese voice experimentalist Phyu Hnin Thwin, Indian scientist Sarmistha Talukdar, Bengali experimental musician sinin, Indonesian all-female noise trio Sarana and many more.


Latest radio show : Africa is not a country ! Electronic, ambient, noise, afrobeat, etc. from Angola, DRC (Zaire), Algeria, Morocco, Mauritius, Tunisia, Egypt, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Niger, Ethiopia.

Latest newsletter : here


Our book and CD Not Your World Music: Noise In South East Asia is winner of the 2017 Golden Nica Prix Ars Electronica in the "Digital Musics & Sound Art" category !

Latest radio show (experimental, noise, embiant, drone from Cameroon, Iran, Indonesia, Turkey, Palestine).


Latest newsletters here : Phew, The World Underground, Iran & China compilations, new KK NULL, open call Taipei Artist Village and more !


Latest newsletters here : New Sakamoto, electronic music in Uganda, avant-garde in Turkey, ambient in Iran, Far East Network on tour, artists added to the database, etc. And Latest radio show, 25 April 2017.


Latest newsletters here : news, interviews, music, artists added to the database, etc.


Latest newsletters here : news, interviews, music, artists added to the database, etc.


Latest newsletters here, here and here : interviews, news, artists calls and more. Syrphe radio show, March 2017, focus on the Philippines.


Latest newsletter here : interviews, news, artists calls and more. Interviews of C-drík on Side-Line and Flux. Syrphe radio show, December 2016, focus on the Philippines.


Latest newsletter here, interview with C-drík on CDM (in English) : Digging the Asian and African undergrounds with C-drík Kirdec, same interview (in Czech) on His Voice C-Drík: Kdepak ta vaše world music and a selection of electronic music from the DR Congo, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Mauritius on Filet Magazine.


Latest newsletter here.


Latest newsletter here. And this weekend, Primal Uproar vol. 01, festival in Hamburg, Germany. Two days of noise, industrial, experimantal music. More info on Facebook.


Here is Latest night's radio show at Staalplaat.


Hi, sorry for the lack of news, quickly : first of all do not send me any important message on Facebook (bookings, orders, meetings, projects...), it's been years that I gave up asking people to send me proper emails but now I really require it as I'm currently not able to access my Facebook account anymore thanks to the inefficiency of this horrible company. The only way I have to reach my account is by using a smart phone but I don't have any. See the issue on the pseudo help proposed by Crapbook or type "white screen of death" on a search engine to see the problem, more details here. Really, the entire world should not rely on this shitty company. USE EMAILS or other platforms !! I don't know when the issue will be solved if it will be solved, Crapbook doesn't care anyway, so it might Latest for a while...

Other than that, more news will come soon, our book Not your world music: Noise music in South East Asia will be out soon, together with a CD (the Cd should be in our hands within a few days), Tasjiil Moujahed will also have a new release on Syrphe and an Indonesian noise compilation will be out around the same time.


C-drík will give a presentation during CTM Festival in Berlin : An introduction to electro-acoustic, noise and experimental music in Africa and Asia and his Latest essay will be soon published in CTM Magazine, speaking about magazine, Syrphe is now also an irregularly published on line magazine, see it on Wordpress and every first Wednesday of the month, Syrphe organises concerts for electronic, noise, electro-acoustic, free improv, industrial, ambient (...) artists in Berlin, see the next event on Facebook (exceptionally happening the second Wednesday of the month). Latest but not least, CTM festival in Berlin will soon start, there are already plenty of pre-events. This year the festival includes, talks, concerts, workshops and has invited a bunch of electronic, free improv and experimental musicians from Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Turkey, etc. You can check their amazing programme here.


Latest newsletter here, if you don´t receive it by mail : some news and about 70 artists added to the database in December ! there will be more news and releases very soon, a book and two wonderful noise compilations !


Latest newsletter here.


Latest dj set for Radio Staalplaat, two hours of noise, avant-garde, electronic, improv from Asia and a bit Africa : here (together with the playlist and links).


Plenty of concerts added to the events page, especially in Asia, busy time in Lebanon (15th Irtijal festival), Hong Kong (Kill The Silence festival), Vietnam (World Of Sound concert tour) but also in Egypt Vietnam (D-Caf Festival for performing arts, video, music, dance, etc.) and so on.

The Story and Kinetic Sound Sculptures of Mo H. Zareei, his Brutalist Noise Ensemble and the Artists and Brutalist Architecture that Influenced Him, an article about Iranian sound artist MhZ on Streaming Museum.

You Can’t Separate Silence and Sound”: Sakamoto & Deupree Speak, article, interview and concert video on Boiler Room.


I'm updating the concert pages on Syrphe ; if you perform in Africa or Asia, feel free to send me your dates, if you're from Asia or Africa and perform anywhere, same, feel free to update me. I finished to update my concert page, the one for Asia, the one for Africa (well didn't see anything happening, please, send your info).

Also two new cd's (+ digital versions) will be published on Syrphe by the end of April, more about that in a few weeks - as I told earlier, one will be free and very limited (100 copies, real cd, no cdr), I'm happy I can publish a few more interesting artists on the label and more will be released later this year if everything goes well, something from Asia is cooking ! I will not publish any vinyls despite the fact that some people asked me - it is a huge investment, I don't have enough money for that, a crowd funding could be an option but would take ages and most vinyl pressing plants are overwhelmed and it can take up to six months or more to get the job done - as it already took a year to arrange one of the album releases, I don't want to wait one more year to see it published on vinyl, it makes no sense - and many know what I think about vinyls, even if I still buy a lot of them...

Stay tuned, buy our music, make us rich and allow us to tour the world up to Mars, we need a bit of your contribution to go further... Thanks !

Latest newsletter posted : concerts, tours, releases and more about Asian and African alternative electronic music.


C-drík is doing an art residency (electro-acoustic music, field recordings) at here until the end of March, the final result will be published on line in April and downloadable for free.


Joo Won Park is a South Korean artist based in the USA, he produces various forms of electroacoustic music, sound art and runs a fantastic blog called 100 Strange Sounds where he posts some nice and sometimes very funny videos about his music and composition like the one hereunder with his son. You can also find an interview here.

Electro-acoustic composer and friend Anchih Tsai isn't among us anymore. She organised one of my shows in Dulan, Taiwan five years ago and those moments staid deeply engraved in my memory as I had never expected to get the opportunity to play in such a special place and meet such nice and friendly people, for a few reasons, it was a moment of deep emotions. She will be missed.


New interview of Lebanese audio-visual artist Litter on African Paper in English and German.

French magazine Trax published a small article and a podcast of underground electronic music from Egypt presented by singer and composer Bosaina (free download) and featuring artists such as Gast, Aya Metwalli, Bosaina, 1127, $$$TAG$$$, Karim El Ghazoly, etc.

September Traveler is a collection of Sound Awakener’s early works in 2011 and 2012 (except "The call is fading"). It is also the soundtrack for Irene Cruz’s exhibition What dreams are made of, which will take place in Berlin from 6th to 18th February 2015.

Ensembles Asia is an ambitious new initiative launched by Tokyo’s Otomo Yoshihide and Hong Kong’s Takuro Mizuta Lippit aka DJ Sniff. According to Sniff, “This is a large scale project with which we aim to connect independent music communities throughout Asia during the next seven years.” Read more on The Wire.


An introduction to electroacoustic, noise and experimental music in Asia and Africa is an essay written by C-drík in 2014, updated in January 2015 ; you can download the pdf version following the link ; the multimedia centre Kibla will soon publish a Slovene and English paper version of the text, stay tuned. A few other versions in French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian will sooner or later published.


New album by dark ambient Iranian artist Alphaxone CD and digital.


Back to post more regular news and links here !

From Japan, ambient / avant-pop / electronic musician Unii will be on tour in Europe between April and May. She's got a few gigs arranged in Germany and is looking for more. Feel free to contact her if you can organise any event.

One Man Nation / Tara Transitory will do a European Tour in 2015 and is looking for performances and talks. Check her Facebook to see any updates and contact her if you can help.

C-drík is currently performing and recording in Lebanon with Mumna and their project Tasjiil Moujahed. He will be mostly based in Switzerland between late January and the end of March for an art residency, and will also be available for several performances (from electro-acoustic and noise to electronica) and talks (one is scheduled in Zurich, see here for more details. He will also be in Belgium between 1 and 8 April and is available for some concerts too (solo or with Axiome).

Sound Awakener (Vietnam) and Gallery Six (Japan) collaborated on a track that you can listen and download on Bandamp.

New analogue track composed by Filipino artist Tengal for a film directed by Malay Javier.

The Liz is a new trio with Liz Allbee (amplified trumpet), Liz Kosack (synth) and Liz Erel (aka Korhan Erel , computer, controllers). This is an excerpt from their first concert in December 2014.

Pakistani composer Talal Qureshi together with Faizan Riedinger started a funky electro house project called Mango Porn.

Plenty of events to come have been added here, especially in the Asian section, among those a few festivals in Japan and Thailand.


Truchement, a new 48 minutes electro-acoustic piece by C-drík can be heard on Kunstradio, this is a project initiated by IMA. Another of C-drík's tracks has been added to the Enemy Sense compilation published by Chinese label Radio Enemy, you can listen (and download) the full compilation on Bandcamp. Info about C-drík (in Chinese) here.


Syrphe news - September 2014, part 1.


My Latest dj set for Radio Staalplaat can be heard on Soundcloud (drone, noise, ambient, sound art, improv from Asia).


Ko Jeu (Myanmar), Kif (France/Myanmar), Rastko (Serbia/Myanmar), So Takahashi (Japan/Myanmar), DJ Kavas (Myanmar), C-drík (Belgium/Germany) live in Yangon, Myanmar. You can hear and download our live session on Bandcamp.

And the Latest newsletter has been posted, you can find it online or register to get the next ones in your mail box.


From mid December 2013 until summer 2014 C-drík will be on tour to record, perform, collaborate, give some lectures / presentations and workshops and try to make a small documentary film in Asia, the tour if everything works fine, will cover the following countries : Lebanon, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and few more to be confirmed. A new experimental music compilation could follow if any budget allow it, more info soon.

C-drík will also publish an essay presenting a brief history of electronic and experimental music in Asia and Africa around January.


Latest two newsletter posted : September/October and October/November


Latest Staalplaat Radio playlist by C-drík (Artist - Album title - Track title), you can listen online to this mix here.

01. Miraft - #1 @ St. Aidan's Rd [Iran]

02. Ak'chamel - The Divine Vine Tapes - Infierno Verde [USA]

03. Guy J Jackson & Robin The Fog - Notes On Cow Life - Ely And The Truth [USA]

04. 6LA8 - Follow the Fanatic - Intrigue [Pakistan]

05. Aluviana - Tonična Negibnost - Trenutak nežnosti [Slovenia]

06. Wehwalt - Nantes is noise - Son chant enfante l'élytre [France]

07. Iris Ollschewski - Sound - Destillation [Germany]

08. Jonáš Gruska - Nočné oscilácie pre jedného - Óda na lunu [Slovakia]

09. Bai Tian - Chop vol.5, Strucure Of - Mars [China]

10. KxxhM - 10 [China]

11. Planetaldol - Grand Bois - La devinière part 1 [France]

12. Pie Are Squared - A State of Unwavering Contempt - It Gets Windy in the Middle of Nowhere [Egypt]


Newsletter sent, you can access it on line


Newsletter sent, you can access it on line


New reviews (only in German)/Neue Rezensionen : Litter & Munma on Nonpop ; Art of the Muses on African Paper.


New website for Shaun Sankaran (Mindfuckingboy, Chöd, Elekore...).


Staalplaat Radio playlist by C-drík (18-19 July), I'll soon post the previous one...

01. factor X & TAC - Ajin [UK]

02. Letargy Terror - New Day [Uzbekistan]

03. Jonáš Gruska - Óda na lunu [Slovakia]

04. Jiang Yuhui - Ghost in another night [China]

05. Zang (زنگ) - Barfak [Iran]

06. DDAA - Ne regarde pas par la fenêtre [France]

07. Dakn - ID [Palestine]

08. AMFJ - Öldungur [Iceland]

09. LaNoisA - Ranger ca-cah wins [Peru]

10. (((MYRRH))) - Remorse-Reverse-Intro [Indonesia]

11. Simiam Lucis - Bord de route [France]

12. Daytripper - Brownpaper [South Korea]

13. NL. - Bionulor [Poland]

14. PS Stamps Back - Srebenica [Greece]

15. César Alarcón - Movil-home [Argentina]

16. Navid Afghah - The Temple Of Wooden Figurs [Iran]

17. Tri Minh - Train Station/Nhà Ga [Vietnam]

18. Victor Gama - Senhores do medo [Angola]

19. Cecilia Garcia-Gracia - Desarme Final [Chile]

20. Stormtrap - حلم في البيكسل [Palestine]

21. Klopka Za Pionira - Zdravo zdravo davo [Serbia]

22. Paul Agglukarq - Tuniit - Giant

23. Rio - Countless Count [Taiwan]

24. MiRaft - #1 @ St. Aidan's Rd [Iran]

25. Aspec(t) - G.D. Meets ф [Italy]


Syrphe newsletter sent.

You can read it on line if you're not registered.


Syrphe newsletter sent.

You can read it on line if you're not registered. I'm such in a hurry and overwhelmed by work that I forgot to add the links of the artists newly added to the database, my apologies ! But you can check the links here.


Two new releases from Lebanon this month !

Munma : No Apologies. New album by the ultra-productive Lebanese artist Jawad Nawfal (Tasjiil Moujahed, AeQuo, Infinite Moment Of Composure). Electronica with a touch of oriental melodies, glitch and broken music. Featuring Sary Moussa (RadioKvm) on some tracks and, Mazen El Sayed (El Rass) for some vocals and remix and Kirdec with an electro remix. CD available for 12€ on Syrphe (postage included) or on Bandcamp (digital for 8€ and/or physical for 12€ plus postage).

Litter - Newfound Grids. Litter's first album Electronica, glitch, lovely melodies, broken toys... Featuring Jawad Nawfal (Munma) on some tracks, Nabil Saliba (Trash Inc.) for some drums and Maureen Castera for some vocals. CD available for 12€ on Syrphe (postage included) or on Bandcamp (digital for 8€ and/or physical for 12€ plus postage).

Syrphe is now also on Facebook.


Staalplaat Radio, 23/24 2013 23h45-01h, by C-drík.

01. Pan Gu - Each Bay Its Own Wind [Singapore/Norway]

02. Boikutt - Tanaffus Istina'i [Palestine]

03. Munma & Amine Gharbi - Jabbena / جبّانة [Lebanon/Tunisia]

04. Konstrukt - Bulut (Aalemarie Remix) [Turkey/Germany]

05. MhZ - -38.83 °C [Iran]

06. Leslie Low - Watchdogs [Singapore]

07. Sail Mohamed - Alan's Bishop Breakfast (With A Nashazphone Totast) [Algeria]

08. Fogtronic - Machine Cycle [Thailand]

09. Space Gambus Experiment - I Don't Mind Telling A Dark Side [Malaysia]

10. Redy Eko Prastyo - Tekateki [Indonesia]

11. Dharma - Intergranular Space [Singapore]

12. Biblo - Redundant Ambience (Yosi Horikawa remix) [Turkey/Japan]

13. Munma & Hamdi Mejdoub - محبّة [Lebanon/Tunisia]

14. Sodadosa - Awaken the Sleeping God [Indonesia]


Staalplaat Radio, 11/12 April 2013 00h-01h, by C-drík.

01. Lin-Lin - xFila to Kolox [Taiwan]

02. Dror Eyal - Southern Right Bio Config #1 Mix [South Africa]

03. James Webb - Chewing The Cud [South Africa]

04. Adit Bujubunen Al Buse - Cekik, Cekam, Menghujam, Hancurkan [Indonesia]

05. Marcelo Armani - Com a Cigarra no Ouvido [Brazil]

06. Hasan Hujairi - Oneiroi [Bahrain]

07. Spuntic - Out of step [Iran]

08. Reverie Falls On All - 05 35 live [Turkey]

09. Nepa Ios - Echosss [Algeria]

10. Peam Sevenfoldism - Deceiving of God [Thailand]

11. Ryuta.k - Newest Bolshevik District [Japan]

12. Anna//Ambient - 3.A.M [Malaysia]

13. Post-Avantist - Cure Ailment [Balochistan/Kuwait]


News letter posted.


Noise aus Afrika (Interview mit C-drík). Neue Musik aus Angola, Südafrika, Tunesien und anderswo : Nonpop


Two new cd's will be published this winter : Litter (audio-visual artist from Beirut) and Munma (from Beirut too), including some remixes by C-drík and Radio KVM.

Tasjiil Moujahed (Munma + Kirdec) are currently recording their second album to be published later in the year.


This month all people who order two discs will get a third one of their choice for free.

All releases have been uploaded on Bandcamp, the five releases at the bottom are free/pay as you wish.

Pour les francophones : une interview de Kirdec alias C-drík vient de paraître dans le nouveau Noise magazine.


New reviews on Vital Weekly. (Art of the Muses, Le Diktat - Kirdec, Aluviana)

Three new albums will be out soon : a still untitled African electronica, noise and experimental compilation, the first album of Infinite Moment Of Composure (Liliane Chlela (The DnB Project) & Jawad Nawfal (Munma), featuring Maria Kassab, from Beirut), the album includes remixes by RadioKVM and C-drík (Kirdec) and the first album of Tasjiil Moujahed (Jawad Nawfal & C-drík featuring Maria Kassab on some tracks, from Beirut & Berlin)


Some of the Syrphe productions are now available at Sound//Space, in London.


New Axiome video taken from the newest album Ten Hymns For Sorbetière Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Freezer.


Syrphe is now on Bandcamp, I will slowly upload our back catalogue, the first release to be available is the nearly sold out Das gemeinsame Schicksal by Kirdec, published in 2008.


You can now download for free the short essay I wrote and published in 2010 : A singularity of Noise music in Asia and Africa.
Vous pouvez maintenant télécharger gratuitement le court essai que j'ai écrit en 2010 : Une singularité au sein de la musique noise d'Afrique et d'Asie.


Hello and good news everyone : new release today : Aluviana – Tonična Negibnost (dark ambient/experimental/electro-acoustic), detail here or on Discogs. You can see a few of the covers painted by Sanjazzy here. And listen to some short extracts there.

The cd is available for10€ + shipping, feel free to contact me and soon through some other distributors other at Discogs. It's a limited edition of 200 (real cd's no cdr's) with hand painted cover (that means 200 different covers). Two other delayed cd's will be out in March when I'll come back from Beirut (Le Diktat | Kirdec and an all Asian women experimental music compilation) and a few other ones will be out in the end of March/April (an African experimental and electronica compilation and some other surprises). Best.



I've been quite slow to update the site, give more news (at least here) and publish new cd's but.. soon, three new releases will be finally out in late February, some more cd's will be published later in the year.

Details and all very soon (and yes the website will be also totally updated).

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