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Mastering and recording studio

Syrphe also does some mastering production for musicians from the electronic, industrial, ambient, techno, drum'n'bass, noise, experimental, electro-acoustic, breakcore [...] scene.

It does not mean that Syrphe is not interested by other music such as jazz or punk or whatever else, but electronic music has been my specialization for more than twenty years now and I know and enjoy this music. That is why I prefer working on this kind of material ; my aim is doing the best job possible, no stupid business...

Anyway, I from times to times also master some guitar oriented music... So if you think you would like to work with me feel free to write !

What am I able to do for you ?

  • Transferring your music from an analog or digital audio source (tape, CDr, DAT, minidisc, vinyl...) to a digital support ready to go to the disc factory.
  • Declicking, denoising (no massacre here as one can to often hear, I take a lot of care while de-noising masters from tapes), expanding, equalizing, compressing, spacing the tracks and/or cross-fading them, adding indexes, adding effects and so on with professional digital material only.
  • Archiving your old recordings from cassettes (standard or Dolby B & C), vinyls, DAT's and minidiscs.
  • Two Red-Book Standard CDR with the final result and/or digital files (cue, toc, iso, flac, ape, wave, aif, dpp...).
  • If you have some specific requests, feel free to write me.
  • Please do not send overcompressed material, the global compression is one of the last steps to do.
  • If you press a vinyl, ask the pressing plant if the master can be given on a cdrom or digital 24bit, 48kHz (or higher quality) instead of an audio cd (16bit/44.1kHz).

What about the price ?

  • A mastering (album/mini album up to about 12 tracks) costs around 250 euros.
  • A two or four tracks 7" or 12" would usualy cost between 50 and 160 euros.
  • Per track the price varies between 25 and 40 euros.
  • You can pay me now via paypal, cash, IMO or bank account transfer.

Of course the price depends on each case, feel free to discuss about this, some albums require more or less work so the price may change ! If you need a mixing and mastering service, or specific jobs like audio restoration, then contact me to discuss about the job to be done and we'll agree on a price.

Some of the artists and labels I work[ed] with/for :

Labels :

Ad Noiseam, Advoxya, Ant-Zen, Aural Addiction Records, BLC Productions, Brouillard Définitif, Crop Circles Industries, Différence Symétrique, Digicore Far East, Divine Comedy Records, 4MG Records, Hushush Disques, Independenza Records, Kvitnu, Loop Century, M.A.N., Miisc, Moderne Recordings, Mothers Against Noise, Notochord, Nuit & Brouillard, Odd Pop, Pflichtkauf, Puzzling Records, Reduced Phat, Renda, Re.Start Violence, Ruptured, Silken Tofu, Syrphe, Textolux, Thysco, Vlna, YB70

Artists :

Abelcain, Alien Vegan Sect, Aluviana, Andrey Kiritchenko, Angina P, Antigen Shift, Axiome, AZ Rotator, Babyflesh, Bloodflowers, Broken Note, Bong-Ra, Cake Builder, Cardopusher, Cdatakill, C-drík, Cordell Klier, Črno Klank, Decondition, DJ Hidden, Detritus, Edgey, Elekore, Element Abuse, Enduser, Etmo, Eustachian, Exillon, Gogal, Grandchaos, Guerre Froide, Horchata, Hecate, Ilpo Väisänen (Pan Sonic), Imiafan, Infinite Moment Of Composure, Instans, Iszoloscope, Jvox, Kaebin Yield, Képeslap, Kirdec, Lapsed, Larv-R, Larvae, Le Diktat, Litter, Machine Girl, Mad EP, Maruosa, Math Head, Matta, Mind & Flesh, Mothboy, Munma, Needle Sharing, One Man Nation, Panacea, Pan Sonic, Raoul Signier (Ra), Severe Illusion, Sickboy, Sigma Octantis, Sololust, Somatic Responses, Tarmvred, Tasjiil Moujahed, Tetra plok, The Black Poodle, The Gigglin Dildas, The Pain Machinery, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble (The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation), The Klank Of Črno Migs, The Teknoist, Undacova, Under The carpet, Uniform, Wilt, Wormskull and more...

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