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Tetra Plok

The Belgian band Tetra Plok started to record in 2003 and soon released a first 7” called Future marker which quickly sold out.

Even if they don't exactly come from the same background they find some common inspiration and are all deeply attracted and/or inspired – among other genres – by the late 70's, early 80's minimal electronic and ebm, the early industrial music, electronic-punk and some electro-clash.

Bands such as Factory Floor, DAF, medio mutante, Liaisons dangereuses, 2VM, Alien skull paint, Television set, Crash course in science, Nine circles and labels like Genetic rec. or minimal wave will probably never leave their record collection.

Until now Tetra plok has released two records and remixed artists such as Imiafan and Trisomie 21.

All members of the trio have been envolved in many other projects [Rob & Zoopsie are well-known established dj's and became even more popular with their electro-disco project The Revolving Eyes, C-drík plays under different names or bands like Axiome, Kirdec, Crno Klank to speak about a few].

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