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The klank of črno migs

The klank of črno migs is a project between Israeli musicians Seventeen migs of spring aka Penetrating Crankshaft together with Silence & Strength and C-drík Fermont].

The first album has been recorded in Tel Aviv in 2006 and is available on Syrphe.

People who are used to C-drík's project Logatomistes or used to Seventeen migs of spring may appreciate this improvised, experimental and minimal atmosphere.

Members :
C-drik Fermont - electronics
Kostya Gervis - electronics, bowed objects, percussion
Natalia Gurfinkel - voice, electronics
Stephan Friedman - guitar

Additional live members :
Lev Boomstein - bowed objects (R.I.P.)
Yuri Friedberg - violin



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Discography :

2008 | Disturbing Perceptions [CD - Syrphe, Belgium]

Listen or download three tracks here : Earworm's earwig, Hypothetical topological feature of spacetime, Rain

Videos :

Live in Tel Aviv, Israel, 22 May 2008.